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Fintech for Rural

ASNR is a technology driven financial services company which was set up with a vision of enabling the access of banking and other financial services for the unbanked-underserved population at the bottom of the pyramid.

distribution and general management experience of 11 years to become an entrepreneur creating ASNR SERVICES   three years ago. The central theme has been common since then - building financial capital together with social capital.

Since then, several other corporate honchos have joined him with shared values and common purpose. ASNR SERVICES today is a formidable force in the fintech space and has been trusted by several large national commercial and regional rural banks. Riding on a robust technology platform, it is on the path of creating India's largest, most trusted, rural focused financial services company. Company has already created a strong pan-India network of customer service retail points (CSP).


ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. . To start with we are providing following services: -

     AEPS (adhar enabled payment system)

     money transfer

     micro atm,

     Bill payments : Mobile, Electricity, Gas, Data card, Land Line,TAXATION, AND IT  SOLUTION


    Our approach is to thoroughly understand customer needs and provide required services in the most efficient ways. Team ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. thinks through from the inception of an idea to execution and its final delivery. This is our secret to providing you a wonderful user experience.

We know that your time is valuable. Our goal is to simplify the process such that you don't need to stay a minute longer than required on our site or apps.

The technologies are changing and ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. provides services from wherever and whenever you need. ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. is also equipped with a secure online wallet called ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. Cash. We give you discount coupons from top food joints and popular retailers, delivered to your inbox or mobile. You can use these coupons to save money when you eat out, watch movies, book travel tickets, shop online, visit a salon, go gaming, pick up books, music, groceries and enjoy with your family.

 ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD. dealers are located in B and C class towns having large number of loyal customers in their towns. This is an important strength of ASNR SERVICES PVT. LTD.

       We operate on a B2B2C model, where we partner with neighbourhood retail stores who can offer Assisted Digital Financial Services like Aadhaar ATM, SMS Payment, , Utility Payment, Prepaid Cards, Insurance, Money Transfer, Hyperlocal Services and payment services ASNR B2B & B2C App. Our innovative solutions are modeled to make the financial transactions seamless, quick, easy and strives to empower our retailer partners.

       We, rural towns in India. Using the power of Aadhaar & Mobility, we are motivated to transform the ASNR SERVICES POINT retail stores into Fintech Marts. The stores will serve as a catalyst to Digitize Cash for the mass market customer to benefit from FinTech services which were earlier available only to customers who had digital money.